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July 9, 2018

Deadbolt Locks are an Easy Target for Burglars

Are deadbolt locks good enough security for your doors?

Not necessarily! Burglars know how to make a specially cut key that is used to easily pick all but the more expensive premium deadbolt locks. The procedure they use is called “lock bumping”. Criminals approach easy guidelines for making a “lock bumping” key. Once the key is made, opening a standard deadbolt bolt is so easy, a kid could do it.

The “lock bumping” is regular for criminals to use. Allstate Wireless Security feels it is very important to teach people about this issue so we can all be able to make a move to better secure our families and belongings.

Great locks are an extremely important piece of your security. Make sure to buy excellent deadbolt bolts that are meant to resist “lock bumping”. A quality alarm system is also an extremely important part to your security. In the event that you have questions, make sure you talk with an Allstate Wireless Security consultant.

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